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I called AGL solution team to request special reading as I received too high bill this March.

They orgnised special reader who did not have access key to the gas metor and emailed me to provide the key which I do not have.

I have been asking AGL to orgnise normal distributor who has the key so many times but they only kept sending special reader without the key.

I finally got email from AGL saying that they had arrenged  a special reader who has the key. It took me nealy 2 month to get this satege.

The special reader came to my unit and read the gas metor but this time he did not have access key to the hot water gas metor so that I provided the reading. He toled me that previous reading was incorrect so that I was wating for correct invoice from AGL. However I received email from AGL saying not be able to access the metor again so that they sent me a estimated bill including 3 times special reading chagres and late payment fee althoug they had extended the due date till end of June..Now they are asking me to pay $660. I live myself in a small unit and hardly cook. I have been asking AGL to contact the special reader as I had his number but no reply from AGL . Therefore I contacted the special reader by myself asked him about the reading on the day.He told me that he did report the reading to his spervisor  so that AGL must have the reading .AGL solution team seems they are just call centre and not specialist. Who can I ask for real help now????? AGL please please help me and do not ignor my emails.




Hi @MAY, this sounds super frustrating! We're very sorry for the experience you've had to date. Let's set about getting this resolved - if you could please leave details via our webform, we'll get in touch as soon as we can.


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