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I find dealing with AGL perplexing as I think they have no idea how their bill smoothing/ accounts system works.

Firstly let me explain. I find the idea of a bill smoothing mechanism a great idea (assuming the system works) as it helps with budgetting, particularly for the elderly on pensions such as my mother. However, to receive an email message informing you your bill smoothing acount is being closed can invoke trepidation for the elderly, particularly when your account is in CREDIT by a considerable amount!!

Contacting accounts to ascertain why the account is being closed is met with "I'm not sure why it won't accept the change" they're trying to make to the system with a subsequent bump to a customer service officer - with a similar response - and, another bump to the Customer Resolutions Manager before the problem is supposedly fixed for the time being. AGL, I don't have time to waste chasing you to fix your stuff ups. Get it right!!


AGL Moderator

Hi @tecca53

Thank you for reaching out to us here, and apologies for the delayed response.


I am very sorry to hear of this inconvenience caused for your mother when her Bill Smoothing plan was unexpectedly cancelled! This plan is developed with the direct intention of making things easier for our customers. To understand that we have caused undue stress is incredibly disappointing. The only reason that your mums' plan should have stopped, is if she requested it, or the planned period was finished. To find out more about Bill Smoothing, you can go here:


However, if you would like to enquire further into the account, and restart the plan, our service team would be most happy to help, you can reach them here.


We are committed to providing quality service and you feedback shows that we still have a fair way to go. This information plays a vital role in ensuring that our processes and systems are improved for our customers' satisfaction.


Thank you for your time and help with this matter.


Sincerely, Jordan

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