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3000 au$ AGL GAS BILL


Dear Sir/Madam ; 


l have got a GAS bill from 19 OCt 2017 to 24 jan 018 total amount waas 471.10 which l have paid then AGL emailed me another GAS invoice for same period 2,979.86 they made credit the previous payment (471.10) now l have to pay AU$ 2,508.76 for a GAS bill . l have been living in same house for  5 years my bill never be the more than 500 $ for 3 months GAS. 


They came and checked the meter reading last thursday 12/04/2018 and l called them today 16/04/2018, AGL account Manager Ms Alice told me that you have to pay it because this is actual reading , they just rely on meter and noty looking any possible leaking outside my house ; l organises an professional plumber Gas fitter. They will come and check my house all the connection and look for possible  GAS leaking in my house this wednesday morning 18/04/2018 l believe there is no leaking in my house l will get report for that ; if the AGL still insist me to do this payment l have to take the case the court. 


This is my account number : 7039123745

Reference Number : 1507209411


 l hope someone in AGL help me to solve this problem soon . 


Any suggestion ?









AGL Moderator

Hi Serk,


Thank you for joining the AGL Community!


I'm sorry to hear that you've been slugged with such a massive bill, and I can only imagine what a shock this was. It's great to hear that we've already arranged for a technician to attend your property and that the ball is rolling on a resolution for you.


If you'd like to get in touch with us at any point throughout this process, you can contact us.


Kind regards,



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