extremely high electricity bill monthly

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last year I was with click energy and for quarterly I got $1000 approx. billing in June to August. I am single female living, no TV,NO MICROWAVE and no AIRCON OR HEATER. JUst fridge and washing machine. fridge is on 24/7 and washing once in a week. I have electric cooking but not using it. I am using portable single burner stove.i question them they said your meter showing it. before we are three people and monthly hardly 150 to 200. and they said usage is same as single or three person.they debited $711 after discount from my account .than I switch to AGL than also the same problem and now they send me three bill and September $399, $172 oct which I did not pay than they send me another bill $126 from apr-july and said we charge you less during previous three months so $126 is difference of amont.and I paid apr -july monthly charges before.now they send me another bill for sept 2019 and oct 2019 is $810 and due on 8th November. I do not understand what to do. my bill is more than my rent.i don't have anyone here how can I get help?