all i want is to ask you what can you offer me 4 weeks to pay a bill

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why have you made it so hard for someone to ask simple questions.

all i want to know is if you can offer me 4 week to pay my bill if i move to you but you don't seem to know how to conduct a business online. the amount of hassle is appalling and i will offer my help free of charge for you to make a better online service if you want. it is obvious that whoever set up your online service is incompetent and should be sacked or have their contract terminated.

i know people that use you for their electricity and gas and they have had no problems so i am thinking of changing from origin to you but i need to know if i can have 4 weeks to pay my bill i am on a dsp so i don't have enuf money to live but i need a phone and internet and the house i rent has gas hot water and stove can you help me i know i can help you

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Thanks for offering to help improve our online service! The good news is you can certainly help out, by submitting specific ideas and feedback to our Ideas Hub where other users can vote on them to be implemented.


Regarding your specific questions about your financial circumstances, you'll probably find the answers you're looking for on our Concessions page.

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Why don't you pay off some money every fortnight. You must have an idea of what your fortnightly bill is. Then when you get your bill you only have to pay any outstanding amount. Look at your last three bills. Divide the total of each by 90 then multiply then result * 14 EG: Bill 1 is $397 (397/90= $4.40 per day) multiply to get fortnightly payment 4.4*14 = $62.00 a fortnight (with round up) Bill 2 is $700 = $109 per fortnight Bill 3 is $900 = $ 140 per fortnight If your bills look like that I would suggest that you take the average of the two highest (140+109=249 then divide by 2 to get $125 per fortnight) The 90 figure is the average length of a billing period (3 months) You should be aiming at avoiding bill shock rather than compounding your issues by increasing your debt. Apply this formulae to all your regular bills and you should soon have a regular system. If your electricity is high, find ways to save power, If you have a reverse cycle AC run it at 20 in Winter and 26 in Summer, By the way I would not expect anyone to give you any sympathy when you call them IDIOTS. You are really admitting that you are potentially a bad debt and asking for help! Hope this helps Neil