Re: Payments

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I clicked 'Make a payment' for my electricity bill. Nothing confirmed my payment. No email, no sms, nothing. So I clicked 'Make a payment' again and there was a pop up that said 'Payment Successful'. 24 hours later... I begin to worry... I don't want to miss out on my "Pay on time" discount. So I press again... "make a payment"... Still no deduction from my bank, no email receipt, no notification confirming the amount I had paid. ALL other apps/ online payment systems I've used will reject a duplicate/ another attempted payment... Especially more than once... and a prompt is likely to pop up telling me 'You have already made a payment'. You need this!!!! I was charged more than 5 times in one week... Half of the deductions unexplainable. NOT FEELING HAPPY WITH AGL THIS WEEK