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Problematic, all of it:

Suddenly I get a notification from the AGL app that this month's payment has failed becuase Direct Debit is unavailable. Why should this occur (& with no intervention or changes to bank) when the direct debit payment worked perfectly last month?


Then tried to resolve via Website login, failed, unknown error etc to try to reset the direct debit. Ditto the App. Tried to pay via credit card, no go. Finally tried to pay via Pay Pal & this 'appears' to have worked but the app says still waiting to confirm.


Then I start getting Phone SMS messages from a private number that seem automated, want sme to dial '1' to confirm my identity etc - bottom line is that this looks EXACTLY like phone spam (and there is a lot of this now) and who in their right mind at AGL would think this is a good idea? Further, there is elsewhere prompts to set up payment via SMS. Again, who thought that was good idea & SMS payments for me IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.


Tried to contact AGL & the CHAT is a really bad BOT that is completely hopeless and wastes and wastes time. Does not work.


Tried to contact by phone, waited ages, then get an overseas call centre operator with a thick accent, does not seem to understand me and again, the experince is hopeless.


Get it togther AGL and just for once try to consider your customers more than your sharholders? Dreadful business practices and dodgy ICT infrastructure here & all of which should be easy & friction-free.


Next I will go to my bank & review this, then take the matter up with the relvant ombudsman. Oh, BTW, I STILL cannot tell if my bill has been paid or not, yet somehow AGL tries to make me feel like the dodgy character in all of this.