No responses to billing inquiries

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We have not been resident in our apartment in Sydney since May 20th as we live in Hong Kong and cannot get into Australia due to the travel restrictions.

My latest bill was for nearly $900!I have written numerous emails, sent photographs of the meter reading - kindly supplied by me neighbour- and made at least 5 phone calls.

I have had no acknowledgements of my query from, despite the fact that this is who I was told to contact.

This is not a new problem. Last year I discovered the same problem and AGL admitted we were being grossly overcharged. They always seem to blame Gemina and Gemina blame AGL so you feel as though you are banging your head against a brick wall. It literally took months to organize the installation of a new meter. It is so outrageous that there seems to be no way of making an official complaint.

Can anybody help!!!

The only gas we use in our apartment is for hot water.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Diana888 . Sorry to hear you've had such a frustrating time with getting this sorted out. 


The first step would be to contact customer service and speak to the Resolutions team. I do note that you mention calling five times already, so if you've been down that path and you're not satisfied, the next course of action I'd suggest is to use the form on this page to make a complaint.

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