New Solar install - wasn't aware that digital meter might measure Generation as Consumption

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Dear AGL,

We installed a new 6.6Kw solar system at our unit on 22nd Nov 2020.
Our installer company was Greenaus Solar.

Our installer left the system running after the install.

Our installer did not advise/warn us that Energy generation may be metered as energy usage with a digital meter.
We have a digital meter for Unit 1 / 19 Griffiths drive. (one of 3 units)

We thought that we could leave system running and power our own house.
Yesterday I then read the “Digital Meter Penalties” section of this article:
This section reads as per:
Even if your old meter is digital and can’t run backwards it can still be a good idea to leave your PV system switched off until your new meter is installed.  This is because every kilowatt-hour of electricity your solar power system exports to the grid can be counted as a kilowatt-hour consumed by your home, and that could increase your bills rapidly.  As this section from an SA Power Networks document explains:

I have talked to Greenaus again yesterday and this time they have advised us to switch off our solar system until the smart meter is installed.

We have switched our solar system off yesterday.

I am concerned that the ~810 kWh that we have generated in the last 22 days will count against us regarding billing rather than for us ? 
Our bill Acc No. says we typically use 9.42 kWh per day ..   

This is less than this time last year as we switched our hot water system to instant Gas rather than Electric storage system.

For the 22 days we had the new solar system switched on, we generated much more than 9.42 kWh per day.

Am thinking this must be a common issue?