New Rates effective from July 1st

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I have received a notification that my Gas rates are due to change but unlike my previous where there were just 2 splits being first 40500mj +a thereafter and a supply charge , there are now 5 splits which is very confusing - would it not be better to as well as giving us the new rates charge show us a previous bill with the Total old charge and what the new charge would be so that we can see by how much % the increase actually is, and then also extrapolate this out to a full years usage .Additionally appearing on my mail are "Seniors offers" which when viewed  are equally confusing and also do not appear to be particularly enticing being more expensive than what I am currently paying and annoyingly you have no email address to which an enquiry can be sent . By making things confusing your company appears to be trying to muddy the water which is akin to being dishonest which I am sure you are not trying to be .The best indication on your bill is the daily charge , when one considers the number of people in the house and all the appliances Eg my electricity costs me less than $5 per day which in my view is reasonable and when my pensioners discount is added even more so