Merchant credit card fees.

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Why is it you charge me merchant credit card fees for use of my credit card paying both my gas & electricity bills ?

Your bill states in the payment section;

^A fee may apply for Debit Card 0.39% (incl. GST), Credit Card 0.79% (incl. GST) and 0.45% (incl. GST) via Australia Post.

I don't pay through Australia Post.

There are no other payment disclaimers concerning credit card fees.

Please advise your thoughts on this matter, by e-mail.


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Hi Rickie! 

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The section that you've copied has the Credit Card fee of 0.79% (incl.GST). If you pay your energy bills using a credit card, or any card that uses a credit card payment facility, AGL is charged a merchant services fee by your financial institution. This will appear on your next bill as 'payment processing fee'. You can find more information on our Payments web page.


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Please confirm

  1. what is "Debit and credit card via Australia Post channels"? is it online "Post Billpay"? 0.45% fee
  2. $2 fee if pay at Post Office