Insanely high "estimated" gas bill

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So it's happened again, after AGL said they'd fixed things so I wouldn't receive these insanely high estimated bills.


Nearly $613 for 90 days in a house with just 1 person.


Same period usage last year was less than half that so why would AGL estimate that I'd be using more than DOUBLE this year ?



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Hi Pepito,


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I understand that estimated meter readings can be frustrating. You can read more about these here: Why do I get estimated bills?


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I feel your pain!
Attach is my JUL estimated Bill for Electricity which jumped up over 1000% ($800 for 1 month)
If it doesn't look right it's not right! Yet AGL just issue it out anyway and waste another month to investigate what's happening.

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Hi, @KennyT that is nothing compared to my bill here:





This is for just two adult and one baby living in an old 2 bedroom apartment but got charged 20x 5 people household.


Sending weekly photos of the meter reads to does not help at all.


So, I wonder how did you end up escalating your case of the exorbitant gas bill charge?

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Hello - I was wondering how you approached this with AGL? I posted about a very similar issue ( in Nov 2020. My issue is still ongoing and keep hitting dead ends in trying to collect data (which I am entitled too) to complete the appropriate review. Like yours, my issue is so glaringly obviously an error but AGL doesn't want to hear it. I am at my wits end; there is no transparency, even on things which we the customer are entitled too. I'm about two weeks away from calling Channel 9, Channel 7 and the ABC with my story. I'll be referring them to this 'Neighbourhood' to see the hundreds of members in the same or similar situations.


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Hi @USAwimLA ,


When you say the issue is ongoing, do you mean that there's an ongoing review of this underway by the Resolutions team? What dead ends have you been hitting?



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The system at AGL is so insanely incompetent and designed in such a way as to discourage anyone making any sort of enquiry. If you have an issue and wish to discuss or explore ways resolve or work out what went wrong, it's just simply impossible. I've been on there website and the best I can get is a virtual assistant that does not have the answers to your issues. Cannot chat to a human. Cannot message via email.

Wake up AGL. Look after your customers and attempt to lift up your competency level.