Incorrect gas bill

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I have been with AGL for a long time and keep being with AGL whenever I moved property.

However, when I moved into current property in July 2016, I found an issue with first gas bill, too much charged to me, so contacted service centre.

The guy confirmed that gas meter was incorrect and confirmed that there was incorrect data in AGL database:
Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 8.28.21 pm.png

note that the meter number ends with 1

And he confirmed that it should be fine from then.


I don't remember exactly when but a guy came from Jemena Gas to disconnect gas from my property because of unpaid bills ( I never delayed ), I contacted AGL, again, and was told the issue was not rectified correctly and she resolved the problem and promised this won't happen again. Also we found supply address is incorrect, I'm in unit 3 but it's unit 2 in the bill.


Today, a guy from Jemena Gas has come to disconnect gas, again.

I called AGL again and explained, he confirmed that the gas meter he has in database ends with 2, not 1:

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 8.35.03 pm.png


Which means AGL modified meter number incorrectly! (it was correct at the beginning I've checked entire bills and found the first work made gas meter number incorrectly.)


And he also said it's my fault, I gave AGL wrong meter number, but look at the first photo, AGL confirmed that I gave him correct meter number. What the hell is this?


What he told me what he is going to do is:

  • cancel all the bills I got and paid
  • recalculate all gas bills based on the correct gas meter
  • and send me corrected entire bills in a couple of days.
  • He doesn't care how much it would be, if there is gap I have to pay all 


AGL, please don't blame customer for your mistake, recognise your mistake and understand that you wasted my time. It was very annoying. Correct me if I'm wrong, it's all your fault from the beginning but you say there's nothing else you can do, is it fair?



  • gas meter number was wrong at first
  • called to fix the issue and confirmed I provided correct gas meter
  • found wrong gas meter in database again and AGL blamed me since I provided wrong gas meter

I've just checked out AGL account through app, it still says supply address is unit 2, not unit 3