I, Savath Pou, am going overseas. From now on, my wife, Saphone Pou, will be paying bills by mail.

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My name is Savath Pou. I am going overseas for a long period of time. My wife Saphone Pou will assume the responsiblity to pay bills, and she wants to be billed by mail. PLEASE HELP,. PLEASE HELP,. PLEASE HELP..

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Hi Savath-Saphone! 


You can either have your wife listed on your account as an authorised contact person to manage your account or she can set up a new account in her name as the account holder. If she wants to set up an account in her name, she can Sign Up online with her details. 



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Cannot understand what your issue is.


You want to pay your bill.

You want it sent to your address (I assume this is already happening).

Your wife is going to pay it.


Simply make sure the billing address is correct, Make sure your wife pays the bill.


If she doesn't pay the bill, a bill reminder will be sent, no bill payment then power will be cut off.


If you are separating, then get billing put into her name or cancel the account and power will be cut off.