Gas bill too high

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I’ve lived this old unit about 3 years, and I lived here only me for 2 years and now with my hubby for less than 1 year. 
I was always curious about my gas bill because Only me lived this unit, and I didn’t cook(I ate my lunch at my workplace) and even I cook, it’s just 2 times a week. But the gas bill is always around $180-$230, and bill said it’s higer than 4 or 5 people household. But I just leave it. And yesterday, I got new gas bill, and it’s over $700. My hubby works over 10hours, and even though i cook more than before, is it possible over $700 gas bill for 2 people household?
agl said I have 2 gas meter, but I can only find just one. Where the hell another one they said?