First gas bill appears high

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I recently switched to AGL and the first quarter bill is quiet high compared to what we typically pay. Can someone shed some light on the calculations?


We have two meters, I assume one for the gas cooker and one for the hot water throughout the unit.


Actuals from previous supplier for the period between 3/10/18 to 31/12/18

Meter 1 - base usage= 6, heating value= 38.02, heating pressure= 1.0141, total usage= 231.34MJ

Meter 2 - base usage= 1314, heating value = 1.00, heating pressure= 2.8536, total usage= 3749.62MJ


Actuals from AGL bill for the period between 1/10/19 to 31/12/19

Meter 1 - base usage= 4, heating value= 39.01011, conversion factor= 1.043970, total usage= 162.90MJ

Meter 2 - base usage= 1104.01, Mult.= 10, conversion factor= 1.006329, total usage 11,110MJ


Is someone able to explain how AGL arrived at almost 3 times more in total usage with less base usage for the same period last year?


Any assistance would be appreciated.