Elec bill saying overdue

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Checked my app earlier this week knew my pay on time discount was coming up so I made my partner bpay the remaining amount from his bank. We have the receipt confirmation and yet the bill on the app is now saying it’s $112 over due which was the total amount of my bill with the pay on time discount applied. I’ve made payments on this by the app using my bank account for at least $40 and have the records to prove the deductions have happened and yet on my bill there is ZERO amount saying anything has been paid off this bill. The total figures don’t even add up. I have paid $72.16 by bpay 2x lots of $20 from my bank account which amounts too $112 amount for the discount. My bill was paid yet not one cent has been credited to my bill. And is now saying overdue. Even without the pay on time discount if anything is overdue it would be $39 dollars most definitely not the $112 it’s stating.