Demand Tariff

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  • May I ask all those who are being supplied electricity only, in Qld only and have a smart meter - are you being billed the Demand Tariff ?
  • If you are, and you have asked what is it? Did you receive a satisfactory explanation? Would you mind sharing it with us please?
  • Hi. I have asked this question on web chat. I have received my first electricity bill. I am based in QLD and on single rate tariff with smart meter and solar. My plan is essentials. My bill has demand charge included in it and I have asked the chat support and I have been told I am on single rate tariff but I will still get charged demand charge, and this is regardless of which plan or tariff I am on? I thought if you are on single rate or flat rate tariff you get charge the same for all usage? Why am I being charged demand rate for single rate? What is this demand rate? I was told this is the same as demand tariff? But if one is on single rate/flat rate tariff how come one is charged demand tariff as well? Can anyone help explain this more? Would greatly appreciate it. Thank you