Bulk Hot Water Tariff

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                I am interested in finding out what method is used to calculate my gas bulk hot water tariff?

I understand from the Energy Retail Code version 11a, schedule 6, that there are 3 formulas that can be used:


A - 0.49724 MJ per litre or the standing offer tariff applicable to the gas bulk
hot water unit (gas tariff 10/11)


B - Retailer provided gas bulk hot water per customer supply charge (cents) = the supply
charge under the tariff applicable to the relevant gas bulk hot water unit divided by the
number of customers supplied by the relevant gas bulk hot water unit.
Retailers may decide not to charge the supply charge or may decide to roll-in the
supply charge into the commodity charge of the applicable tariff.




C - gas bulk hot water price (cents
per litre) + customer’s supply
charge (cents)


My gas network is Ausnet (3032), my hot water is charged by AGL.

My bill only states $0.0149 per litre. This equals 1.49 cents per litre.

Based on the Gas Energy Rating star system, the lowest rating of 1 star equates to .3958 MJ per litre.

My current gas rate for heating etc. is 1.51 cents per MJ.

The rate of 1.49 cents per litre above equates to .986 MJ per litre. This is 2.49 times the amount of gas used by a 1 star gas storage heater.


Based on option A above, a gas charge of 0.49724 MJ per litre, which is 26% more gas than a 1 star rated gas hot water tank, this would equal 0.74 cents per litre. That leaves 0.75 cents per litre unaccounted for.


So I assume there is another charge included in this tarrif/charge.

I already pay a supply charge for my heating/cooking gas, I hope I am not being charged twice for supply.


Can you please show the formula used by AGL to charge $0.0149 per litre for my hot water.