Bpay number not identified

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Jesus you've made it an unnecessarily long-winded process to provide feedback (looks like you want to discourage it).  

I want to set up Bpay but you have made this also unnecessarily more difficult than it should be, probably because you are stupidly trying to nudge customers to not use it (here comes the backlash...). 1) bpay option and details should be listed clearly upfront with the first site / button that people go to on payment options - currently you don't list it there but customers have to go deeper into your menu to find it (hate that)  2) where you do list the fuller complement of payment options, instead of just having the Bpay option go to the Bpay site - how about - honey-bunnies - you provide your Bpay number (or perhaps on all bills like they used to do in the olden days of sensible, customer-friendly orientation)  AND/OR provide the actual proper name for AGL so we can find the right number.  You know darn well there are 3 pages of AGL related outfits each with their own Bpay number.  Make it easy and clear to customers which one of your darn organizational names we are supposed to use.  Simple really if you are actually thinking about customers.