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Hi all,


This is a question for AGL staff. Is there an AGL EV monthly plan specifically for EV owners? Currently we are on the solar saver plan which helps when getting a solar rebate, however now that we have an EV, specifically the Renault Zoe, much of our solar power is used by the vehicle. We would probably benefit more from a specifically targeted EV plan for EV owners. Also I am sure other EV users would switch to AGL if a good EV monthly plan was on offer. Sadly living in this fossil fuel focussed country, there are no incentives to buy an EV and apparently the EV report soon to be released by the federal government won't be offering any incentives either. So it would be great if AGL or other Aussie power companies were willing to offer some incentive which I am sure they would also benefit from by attracting additional customers.

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Hi @Liam any further updates on this?

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@liam1  Any further updates on this? It's been quite a few weeks since I posted and am starting to give up hope that I will ever get any clear information on the AGL EV ToU plan tariffs....

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Is there any proposal by AGL to re-introduce and EV plan please?

(I'm in NSW)

AGL Employee
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Hi @df3j2gtn53 - I've stumbled upon your replies in this thread regarding the time of use offer in SA.


Liam left AGL late last year and I'm the new EV product manager in his place - are you still looking for help regarding the EV Plan in SA?


Also @MikeP - here's a link to our EV plan for NSW which offers up to $240 per year ($60 per quarter) for EV owners. 👍


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@Andy_AGLthanks for the info, unfortunately a work registered car so not in the name of the AGL account...... For now 😉

I export 5mW of my production per year so the 7c/kwh drop in FiT would have a significant impact on my ROI. 

Plan rates are a good incentive including the 2 year lock-in under the current price increase trajectory.