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Hi all,


This is a question for AGL staff. Is there an AGL EV monthly plan specifically for EV owners? Currently we are on the solar saver plan which helps when getting a solar rebate, however now that we have an EV, specifically the Renault Zoe, much of our solar power is used by the vehicle. We would probably benefit more from a specifically targeted EV plan for EV owners. Also I am sure other EV users would switch to AGL if a good EV monthly plan was on offer. Sadly living in this fossil fuel focussed country, there are no incentives to buy an EV and apparently the EV report soon to be released by the federal government won't be offering any incentives either. So it would be great if AGL or other Aussie power companies were willing to offer some incentive which I am sure they would also benefit from by attracting additional customers.





take a look at the above link.. I've been on it for a while.


Funny thing is, the staff need more training on this plan.


3 times in ~May/June, when I was looking for a plan, I called to ask AGL consultants about this plan.


Twice I was referred to the electric vehicle subscription page.  Once, they just gave up and said they didn't know what I was talking about.


All this despite me finding the plan using one of those plan comparison sites, and then a page on the AGL website about it.


To this day, I have no idea what this is: 

Up to $480 in bonus credits over two years*


Or when/how it will be given to me



Can anyone elaborate on that?



AGL Employee

Hi @Stephen2Aus, thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry it sounds like you had a poor experience trying to sign up to our electric vehicle energy plan. As you point out, it sounds as if we need to do a better job of training our customer service agents in how to handle these calls. 


In terms of the $480 in bill credits over two years. Basically a $60 credit is applied on your bill every 3 months - if you are on monthly billing it means every third bill you will receive a $60 credit. This helps to reduce the cost of at home charging for electric vehicle customers. 


Thank you


Thanks!  I'll keep my eye out for the credit 🙂



I also had issues signing up but eventually stuck with it and signed up5 months ago. Since then it has been plain sailing and very easy to follow my progress via the AGL App.


Hi All,


I've signed up here in an attempt to get some clear answers in relation to the AGL EV Plan.


I'm located in metro SA and currently on the single rate + CL AGL EV Plan.


I have it on good authority that there is a ToU version of this plan available, however for the life of me I cannot find this referenced anywhere online (tried AGL web site, energy made easy, wattever.com). I've spoken to a few different AGL reps on the phone all of which have either not known what I'm talking about, promised a call back that never eventuated or in one case provided me with tariffs that I have no way to validate or confirm.


In addition, the one person who did seem to have some information advised me that if I switch to ToU I cannot switch back to single rate (this seems doubtful) and also couldn't provide any sort of web link to the plan. In addition, they also advised that controlled load is only available as ToU also - whereas I have seen references to TOU + single rate CL.


Can someone from AGL provide some factual, concrete information in relation to whether:

- A ToU EV Plan does in fact exist?

- If so, is it available with single rate Controlled Load?

- What are the tariffs for peak, off peak, shoulder, CL?

- A web link and/or PDF that can be referenced!


Any help appreciated!



That information would be great to be shared here. 

I am currently on that plan, the AGL EV plan TOU, with controlled load (single rate 11 to 6) and with solar living in SA. Took about three months to get on my plan. I have also tried to get updated tariff rates as hoping they have been reduced. Also looked on the energy made easy, AGL website and called with no luck.

AGL some information on this plan would be good, Thank you.


AGL Employee

Hi @df3j2gtn53 

Thanks for your patience. 

The EV plan should certainly be available on a Time of Use tariff structure in SA, for some reason though the pricing fact sheets outlining the rates seem to have disappeared - I sincerely apologise for this! Let me investigate what's happened and get back to you within the next couple of days.




Hi Liam - I was hoping someone from AGL would notice this and provide some clarity! Look forward to more information.