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Search for answers relating to your AGL account or your AGL online services.

Search for answers relating to your AGL account or your AGL online services.



As I receive bills by email. All I'm told in that email is what amount is due and to press make payment button once I'm in section to make my payment I'm asked to enter the account number located on reverse side of bill. That I don't have nor get so I can never login to make a payment without a massive stuff around. So how about sending  all the info needed in my billing email such as amount due, which property its for, account and reference number so payments can be sorted straight away rather than an hour on phone each time. Thanks


AGL Moderator

Hi Clevo8,


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Each time an bill is emailed to you, you can follow the "Download your bill (PDF)" link which'll allow you to view all of the information you've just referenced.


If you continue to have issues logging into our online services, please send me a private message with your AGL account details and I'll be happy to investigate this further for you.


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If I cannot readily see and print my Gas bill then I will simply cancel from e receipt. Your new web page is a nonsense and I am not going to waist time looking for the bill. I have signed into my account and still cannot see it.



I don't have problems logging into my account, but where is the Bill download link. Everything I see leads me to someone named Dave and someone else call Sarah. I don't care about them and I am tellling you I will cancel e receipt of bill unless this is made a lot simpler.

AGL Moderator

Hi VicJohan, 


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To locate your bills via My Account, click on the Billing tab. Under Bill History, click the drop down arrow next to the bill period you'd like to view. You'll then see the link for 'Download PDF Bill'.


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