Smart meter and feed in from two solar inverters

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I had a 1.5kw solar system (single phase) for over 10 years, and recently upgraded to two 5kw solar invertors, each feeding in on a phase (two phase feed-in in total).  I am finding that the meter readings do not match what my solaredge inverters are saying is produced and consumed. My solaredge monitor says I have exported 3795kwh (=$569.25 @ .15 cents per kwh) and imported 2109kwh ($463.98 @.22 tariff). Thus I should be $105 in credit. 


Should the smart meter have been reprogrammed to capture the feed-in from both phases (not one)? My first bill after installing the 10kw system was more than I have ever paid with my tiny 1.5kw system (even with the higher tariff taken into consideration). I cannot get any service from AGL and Activestream do not communicate directly and the issue has been bouncing around for over a month. It is very stressful. Who can I talk to to work out if the meter and the inverters are talking correctly to each other? I feel that only one phase is being included in the export figure...not two....