NBN Drops every time it rains

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I know this isn't going to be an issue directly controlled by AGL, but I am hoping that someone at AGL will actually be competent enough to help me sort it out, unlike my last three (yes, three) providers over the last few years. 


My issue is as follows: Whenever it rains or gets really windy, you can bet that the internet will cut out. It usually comes back within 15 minutes, but when I am doing something time critical that requires the internet, these outages cannot be tolerated.


I have had so many technicians out to test and re-test the lines only to tell me there's nothing wrong, but clearly there is. For once I'd like someone competent to figure out what is happening. I know it isn't anything on my end, and my neighbours don't seem to suffer the same outages I do, so my guess is it is somewhere between the node up my street and where the lines 'meet' my house.

Please, someone from the AGL team assist me and finally get this issue sorted.