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How can AGL’s Virtual Power Plant help me save?

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‎27-07-2018 10:12 AM

AGL’s Virtual Power Plant makes battery technology affordable for everyday South Australian households, by heavily subsidising the price for participating customers.


A battery can help you to use more of the solar energy you produce when the sun isn’t shining but when your household uses most of its energy – at night, or early in the morning for example. By using more of your solar energy and less energy from the grid, you could help lower your electricity bills.


Individual electricity bill savings will vary, depending on energy usage, seasonality, solar system performance, and battery performance.


Speak to an AGL battery expert to learn more about whether an AGL Virtual Power Plant battery could help you save.


If you live in Adelaide and have an existing AGL or non-AGL solar system, you may be eligible to join the final phase of AGL’s Virtual Power Plant. Purchase LG Chem or Tesla Powerwall battery technology at a great price. Visit to learn more.

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