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I am puzzled  about usage of my battery at times. Yesterday I had a full battery  and when I started the airconditioner at 10am to heat the house the VPP software decided to draw from the grid for 35 minutes to keep the battery full. I guess it was pretty windy and all that energy needed to go somewhere  but the sun was pretty weak. Is that why I had to purchase grid power?  Is there a daily minimum that flows from the grid (? as a test of the system ) as I always have about 0.2KW/hr /day even when the battery is near full.

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AGL Idea Moderator

Hi Peter, thanks for your question. The VPP occasionally tops up your solar battery’s charge from the grid when it is forecast that there will be grid instability. When we manage your solar battery you will see small increases to your bill - but never more than $50 (GST incl.) every 12 months. You can monitor this impact, including the costs from charging your solar battery from the grid, within the AGL Energy app and My Account web portal. One of our solar battery specialists will reach out to you  regarding your observations about your solar battery's behaviour. Regards Brendan

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