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Mobile Plans not showing under "Get Connected" drop down menu




It is really hard to help you guys ... "Report a Bug" link not working...


Story is: Your mobile plans are not listed under the "Get Connected" drop down menu, hence most people will not even bother checking them out, let alone subscribe to them.


I was able to find a link ( searching on google, but the access should really be listed on your website.


As a shareholder, I find it frustrating to read in your HY21 report about your efforts to acquire new clients, however a simple link can not be found so people can subscribe to your services.


Hope you get this fixed soon.


Ricardo Hora



AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Watch this Space

Hi @ricardohora , thanks for the feedback. The mobile plans will certainly be added to site navigation in the near future.

Thanks also for persisting in giving feedback despite some difficulty - where is the "Report a bug" link you found was not working properly?

Super Charger

Wanted to share I can see the mobile button now, and I've been using the $15 plan for a while now. Can't believe I was paying ~$80 elsewhere...




AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered