AGL Mobile App Feedback and Ideas

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Usage information – how can we make it better?

AGL Idea Moderator

Thanks so much for all the useful feedback you’ve given us so far. We’re listening to what you’re telling us and working through how we can refine the app to give you the best experience possible.


A common theme in your feedback has been energy usage. @Pinchies and @Shr have given us some great feedback which suggests that deeper data could help manage energy usage, especially identifying appliances which cause unexpected anomalies. @Sonja wants better forecasting for Gas. @Fred12 and a few others want to see kWh displayed. @Kayfen would like to be able to quickly download usage data. @Samtyc requested the ability to sort and filter usage information.  


We’d love to know a little more about why you’d like these or any other improvements to be made. Please copy and answer these questions in the comments below:


  • Is monthly usage information detailed enough? Would you like it drilled down further? Why?
  • What do you use your usage data for? Is it going into a spread sheet or being compared against your meter read?
  • Is the usage information we share with you clear enough? Do you require more detail such as kWh? What are you using this for?

Go nuts, we really want to hear how we can improve.

AGL Idea Moderator

This version looks pretty but highly unusable when tying to compare historical usages.  Previous version was much more practical. 



AGL Idea Moderator
Status changed to: Good Idea, Vote!

At first appearance, the Usage charge seems very reasonable, until one is reminded that this does not include your daily supply charge. Fpr a more accurate comparison, the Usage charge should include the daily supply charge, to date. You know how much you charge per day for supply charge, so why not add it to the KWh or Joules charge to show the Total consumption cost, to date. 


There was a time when usage data were displayed in hourly increments. Then it changed to half hourly with a new version of the app.


My opinion is that this change makes it harder to interpret energy usage at a glance, because people are so used to looking at one hourly blocks. It almost makes energy usage look lower, because the sampling window is set shorter.

It would be nice to have an option to set the sample window back to one hour samples. 

Thanks and otherwise great app.