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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

The new app is extremely basic and disappointing.

AGL Idea Moderator
I sent an email approximately a month ago giving feedback on the new Agl app. 
Can you please explain the reason for the changes?   I now can not see how much solar I am feeding into the grid and the amount I will be paying in my next bill etc. 
As I said in my first feedback email. The new app is extremely basic and disappointing.  I thought the reason behind change is to make something bigger, better,  easier to use, more informative and helpful etc.  But unfortunately this new app is does none of the above. Please change it back to the old format.
AGL Idea Moderator
Status changed to: Needs More Info

Hi Rob, thank you for your feedback.  I'm sorry to hear you are not finding the new app better or easier to use.  We are looking to continue improving the app and want to take on as much feedback as possible.  Solar is an area we are interested in.  If you have a second check out our what's new article as we've linked through to our solar options along side some other ideas we're looking into.  Your voice is important so if you want to see solar in the app please vote by clicking on the thumbs up icon within the idea itself.  


Do you have any recommendations on how to use solar in the app?  Were there other features which you feel are missing from the app or any suggestions on how make it easier to use?


I really need back my old app where I can see my usage and feed-in especially during off peak and peak hours. Can we have the old app reinstated please? The new one is of no help for anyone wanting to monitor the usage through the day.