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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Solar Vs Usage Bar Graphs Inaccurate


I noticed that in the new IOS app their is a discrepancy between the scale used in the Solar Sold and Electricity bought. 

In my screenshot for KWh as a the x axis from the app both bars appear similar lengths but the numerical values shown for each solar sold and electricity bough are very different. It would be clearer to have the scale the same for each bar. 


In in the second screenshot. The bars don’t change when you select $ as the x axis units. They should change as the solar FIT is different from the cost to buy. In the website. The graph changes when this is done.





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AGL Moderator
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Hi Crawfo,


Thank you for your feedback.


We have noticed this also and have fixed the issue. We were normalizing, or adjusting the bars between solar FIT and usage consumption independently when we should be normalizing them in conjunction to one another.


This has been resolved in a recent update so you should see the bars represented more accurately if you updated.


Please don't hesitate to send us any feedback or question you may have.