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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Solar Usage on App confusing


The solar usage app shows Costs so Far and Bought From Grid - however the costs shown indicate that a Kw cost is approx $1 each - this is clearly not the case so am I reading the information correctly.

On the same page the Kw sold to grid and the $ amount appears correct

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AGL Moderator
Status changed to: Watch this Space

Hi Nearthewater,


Thank you for your feedback. We acknowledge that the way we present the data on the app is not as intuitive. We are working to improve this by simplifying the information and making it easier to understand. This improvement is already in the works so watch this space!


In the meantime, let me help you understand the usage info presented:

  • When you drill down to the daily and half-hourly view, you'll notice each bar is represented by kWh and $. If you divide $ by kWh, that's your cost per kWh. Switching between kWh and $ view, shows the bar in similar in lengths for the same period. This is because all the bars are normalised against the highest figure in your entire usage history, i.e. we take the highest figure in the entire data set and adjust everything else relative to that value.
  • 'Cost so far' have already taken 'Sold to Grid' into account so for example, 'Bought from the Grid' minus 'Sold to Grid' equals 'Cost so Far'.


Please don't hesitate to ask questions or give us feedback.