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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Removal of great function..



The AGL Android is evolving fantastically and has become very useful. Unfortunately a terrific function was removed in the last update (sorry I do not have an old screenshot). On the overview screen (which in itself was a great recent addition to the app) the estimate of the "current cost/bill" was removed. The section towards the bottom of the screen explains how costs are calculated usage+supply+GST+etc - any deductions. This was a terrific facility as we have a smart meter and around 1800 each day the figure was calculated and users a quick indication of they what we would pay if the bill was calculated on that day (minus the current day). While the "cost to the grid" field is understandable, its relationship to the other displayed field "balance" makes no intuitive sense. 
It would be great if that single field showing estimated bill for smart meter customers could be re-instated.
Regards, Cjmmoi.
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AGL Community Manager
Status changed to: Delivered

Thanks for the great feedback, Cjmmoi! If I understand you correctly, I think this is addressed by the display in the current version so I'm closing this out. If you feel it's not, please let me know and provide a screenshot of the section you're referring to.