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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Persistent Account Information + Address shown on usage page + Bill Sorting


Hi team,

Some feedback on the app. It looks great! Well done on the releases and updates over the past few weeks. The below is just some initial thoughts and ideas as I've used the app. I understand it's still early days though too. 


Persistent Account Information:

Once customer has logged in and they're being shown their account information, if they navigate away to another page of the app (eg billing) it would be good to retain this account information already called when they return to the main usage tab. The API call each time can take some time, and so the customer would see the spinner each time they are navigating between the pages. 


Address Shown on usage page:

I'm sure this is in the backlog, but for people with multiple properties, I can't tell which usage belongs to which property. If it would be awesome if I could tell which address each of the different fuel tabs corresponded to. 


Bill Sorting:

Similarly to the second point, I'm not able to immediately and easily see which bill corresponds to which property as there is no address listed against each bill. Also it would be good to order the bills by paid date for example (or other filters). But understand this might be tricky especially if customers have different billing periods for different fuels. Will be interesting to see how you tackle this!

AGL Moderator
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Hi Samtyc,


Thank you for this feedback!


I'll pass this on to the app team to take on board.


Kind regards,



AGL Idea Moderator

Hi @Samtyc, we are looking to investigate how we can improve the usage parts of our new app.  Check out our Usage improvements thread and comment.  We'd love to get your suggestions.