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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

New agl app


I used to have 3 he aading at tje top of the opened app. Electricity, gas and solar.


The new app doesnt allow me to access the solar information. I have to go into the settings and log on to solar command each time.

Backward step

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Hi @Coljenb55.  Thanks for the feedback.  We have had a number of other people reach out to us about solar functionality also.  I'd love to know more about ideally what you would want to see.  Are you using this information to keep an audit for your solar generation and usage?


Disappointed in new app  

old app was better on the usage indicator ..if it’s not broken don’t fix it

no solar usage with smart meter availability is pretty poor effort from IT department

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Hey @John67, I'm sorry to hear you are disappointed with the new update.  We have had other people raise their concern that solar information is missing so it is a hot topic.  May I ask what information ideally would you want to see in the app RE solar?  


I sent a post yesterday 

i got a reply from Matty

i have spent 2 hours trying to log on thru the reply option 


regards to solar information 

same as normal electrical meter

1 useage

2 kw produced

3 $ value generation 

4 and if possible the normal meter minus the solar in $ value 



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Thanks for this @John67.  Were you having issues logging into our Community when replying?


That information RE solar is great thank you so much for that.  I assume the end goal here is to have clear visibility on your total usage.  When you include the solar production you can ascertain how much you are required to pay for your non-solar usage. 


Are you also wanting to see any more detail or insights into when you are producing the most energy?


Are there any updates on this? The solar command app and the website readings aren't working. I am very disappointed in customer service. Hopefully AGL responds to this in a timely manner

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Hi @Xyz1x, are you still having problems accessing solar command?  


The new app is not as user friendly or as visually informational,

i especially dislike the solar information. It is hidden and not immediately visible.

solar command customers pay to be able to monitor their solar production and usage figures EASILY.

put solar command on separate app or tab it CLEARLY on front page of new app

new app may be more useful to AGL eg rncouraging customers to fo their own meter reads (rather than AGL pay for meter readers?)

the ne w app is neither effective or efficient for your customers 


Apart from being disappointed by the 2 day delay in seeing data, I am wondering why the Graphs don't identify Controlled load ( off peak ) energy usage separately. After all, this data must be available as it appears on my bill.


Amount of bill smoothing payments not on app?????

went to make a payment stupidly assuming I could enter an amount.

taken the lot

over $1000

terrific AGL