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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Communication lag on iPhone X / iOS 12


I installed the pilot AGL application yesterday onto an Apple iPhone X (256 Gb) which is running iOS 12.0.


And I have updated the Telecoms carrier (Optus) configuration after installation.


i found that (as similarly occurs with my other financial Apps) that there are lengthy or failed communications which occurs with login or account summaries.


It operates correctly via my wifi connection which is with Telstra.

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Hi Grapple369,


Thank you for getting in touch!


We'll forward this to our developers for further review.


Kind regards,




I observe from news media reports of today that the Optus 4G mobile network had substantial disruptions this morning.  


However my communications problems occurred yesterday and within precincts where I use my mobile frequently and have never experienced any such outage previously.

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Hey @Grapple369 what exactly is happening when you use the app.  Are you getting timeouts or long wait times?

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The situation has changed since I’ve now installed your Dev 0.50.0. As the current circumstance I am having a total comms failure over which I have already emailed you a screenshot.


Since installing iOS 12.0 I tend to have intermittent comms problems when accessing www based services.  The correlation example  is if I have a GOOGLE ALERT (news) topic and click a link then the BROWSER will not load the page.


And so I had a similar problem of failure to load when initially doing the registration process which is I think via https service. 


But that opportunity is now because I returned to my WiFi access point and completed the registration process.




I’m now operating correctly with Dev 0.50.0 and no longer have the communications problems.



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Hey @Grapple369, sorry for the delay in my follow up.  Great to hear that its now working for you albeit intermittently.  How are you finding the app?  I'd love to get your thoughts and feedback. 

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Hey @Grapple369, how are you finding the app?  Are there any areas you think could be improved?