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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Cleaner and crisper


The app is cleaner and crisper than the current app and the electricity insights are helpful.


Having everything in one place allows for more access, could have the bills there to download as well

AGL Idea Moderator
Status changed to: Investigating

Thanks for your feedback @Carlzygem.  Glad to hear you are enjoying the app.  You can actually view your bill PDF by:


  1. Navigating to the Billing section
  2. Selecting the appropriate bill
  3. In the top right you'll see a button called 'Actions'
  4. Clicking on this will show the option to view PDF which you can then save.

Can I ask what you are downloading the bill for?  This might help us offer a better experience for accessing this information to you.

AGL Idea Moderator

Hey @Carlzygem, are you still having trouble downloading your PDF bill?  I'd love to get a better understanding of whether you are wanting to download the bill in order to import into another system or using it for record keeping, etc.

AGL Idea Moderator
Status changed to: Needs More Info
AGL Idea Moderator

Hi @Carlzygem, i'm just following up to make sure that the app is working for you.  Let me know if you are still having issues.


Disagree. Absolutely hate the new look. The way the app looked and worked previously was much better. 


Warthog i agree, old app so much more user friendly and in my opinion, better looking.


yeah i watch this thread, waiting for someone to solve this problem.
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