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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Billing – what needs improving?

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We’ve had a few of you tell us there are some elements of the billing area that you think need more work. @amtab, @nicko, @Fred12, @Blaster, @Carlzygem, @Srd you have all made mention of this in other posts and we’d love to hear more. 


Below is a list summarising what we think are the key areas for improvement. Could you please pick which one you think is most important to improve and tell us why it’s important to you, and how you think we could make it better by commenting in this thread below.


  1. Navigating through the bill section, and viewing current and historical bills
  2. Downloading your bills in pdf format
  3. Clearly linking energy usage to bills
  4. Design and aesthetics of the billing section
  5. Clearer messaging for direct debit or bill smoothing customers
  6. Change how bill amounts / amounts owing are displayed
  7. Transaction report showing you all invoices and payments you’ve made
  8. Longer history of bills
  9. Billing is fine, something else needs improving.


Please feel free to be honest in your feedback, we’re very keen to hear what you’re looking for in our new mobile app.

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@Pinchies, @Kayfen, @Glendamaree, @MadeleineA and @brendanjwhelan we’d really like to hear your thoughts on how we can make this experience better for you.


Honestly, I love it as is. It's crystal clear, showing just what I need and no more, but it still lets me access the PDF easily if I really want to. I use direct debit, but the make payment options seem clear too.


If I stretch for ideas, then maybe a small grey text somewhere showing the bill value $ for the same time last year could be good, to help compare trends?


Maybe also, yes, regarding point 5, it would be nice if it said that I had auto-pay turned on.

Super Charger

Only because it wasn't working  for me - Fixing the ability to download PDFs on Android. 


My other comment, that may have been lost among other feedback is that, now that my property is seen as 2 different properties, my gas and elec usage and billing are viewed behind address panels. Originally they were in a list together and didn't need a second level to get to them. I preferred being able to see the list of bills in one list and be able to use the tabs to flick between elec and gas usage.


Billing is fine but more details relating to the breakdown of which appliances have contributed the most cost to your bills


Billing is fine but it would be nice to be able to see the cost compared against last year without having to open the PDF bill

AGL Employee

For me, the main thing that needs changing is to group past bills by fuel to make it easier to compare.

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Longer history of bills!