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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Billing previous data is now grouped by address and doesn't work

Super Charger

On Android, now I see 2 addresses (2 versions of the same address - I am assuming this is for Elec and Gas separately) and when I click an address, I get an error.




AGL Moderator
Status changed to: Investigating

Hi Blaster,


Thank you for this!


This looks like a bug, so we'll get this investigated.





Super Charger

This is also happening in iOS but the second screen is blank instead of showing the error page.

Super Charger



AGL Idea Moderator
Status changed to: Delivered

Hi Blaster,


We investigated the issue last week and found that there was an issue with the Bill PDF feature implementation causing errors and blank screens in the billing space. 


We have since rolled back the Bill PDF changes until the related issue is fixed, so you should be able to access your past bills now. 


As for the address split, this treatment is required for customers who have multiple properties.  If the addresses we have in our system for your gas and your electricity accounts do not match exactly, they will appear as separate for now until we implement a more strategic solution to combine them. 


Thank you,