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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App



It would be nice to see the import of power and the export of generation as well since it is read daily. 

An obvious link to the my agl IQ Page please.  


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Thanks @BoBByB, we've had a few solar suggestions.  Solar is an area we are interested in improving, check out our latest what's new article which outlines this plus some other ideas we are interested in.  Feel free to comment on them and vote by clicking the thumbs up icon.  


Am I correct in thinking that you'd ideally like to see your usage inline with the solar generation?  Would you like to see the difference between them too?

Asked for this since i got my ipad in 2016 Can we please have either a Ipad App in Landscape or a Iphone App that switches between Landscape and Portait depending on how you hold either device as many IOS Apps do Most people have their iPads in LS Mode eitehr in Folders/Cases or Like me Keyboard/Cases and it is such a pain on iPad to have to use something in portait mode - beloieve me it is As Ipad is preferred Device for most Apps like this when i can - can you finally help as have rang about thsi multiple times and got nowhere Meanwhile the IOS App is excellent and improving every update Cannot fault it except for above Well done Keep up the good work However surely a LS option would not be that difficult or expensive Thanks