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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

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I would like to request AGL to provide the message history from the app.  It is very convenient that there is no more email and everything is done by phone.  Thus no record of any discussions or agreements. Though we could always request the personal data, or record each conversation, it would easier to have an online reporting tool where everything is in one place and both parties dont spend hours explaining everything several times. 


I  liked the way the app was set up previously.  I  felt I  had a  better idea of tracking what was happening

AGL Idea Moderator

Hi @Jcoombs 


Thanks for your comment - could you please elaborate so we can address your feedback properly? 


Are you referring to tracking messaging history or something else?


Thank you.



AGL Idea Moderator
Status changed to: Needs More Info

Hi @Peregrine 


Thanks for your suggestion.  


Could you please confirm whether you are referring to viewing, or extracting, the messaging history?


I can confirm that the messaging window in the app should display all your history, similar to other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp.  AGL customer service representatives also have access to the same view.   The only reason you would not be able to view your history is if you have changed your log in details.  Please let us know if you cannot view the history as there may be an issue we need to resolve for you. 


If you are referring to the extraction of history, this isn't something we have considered yet as there has not been any demand for it however we will definitely continue monitoring feedback and prioritise accordingly.


Thank you.