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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App



You NEED to Add a secondary confirmation pop up screen for when making a payment via the app. For example. 

" you are about to make a payment of $865.66.

Are you sure you wish to make a payment of $865.66?" 

With the option of being able to change the amount displayed with either a "continue or edit" option. 

INSTEAD of being able to accidentally pay the pre loaded total amount. 

I have just experience the complete anguish as well as have heard of many others who instead of removing the pre entered billing amount to change it to something they are able to afford have accident hit the process button and have NOT BEEN ABLE TO CANCEL THE PAYMENT APON NOTICING. 

And then being flat out REFUSED TO BE REFUNDED. Because there is no Credited amount been over paid. 


Either this option NEEDS to become avalible or you NEED TO REMOVE THE PRE ENTERED BILLING AMOUNT from the payments section. 

It is absolutely disgusting. Most of Victoria are coming out of their SIXTH LOCKDOWN during the PANDEMIC. 

Money is extremely tight as it is without your company having absolutely no compassion for their customers in their time of need when it comes to an honest error. 


Myself and my 2 small children are going to be without Food and basic supplies now for the ENTIRE TWO WEEKS until the next payday because the bill has come out In full. The total amount being more than 3/4ths of my fortnightly income.