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Help us improve AGL's internet services

Support Port Forwarding with your internet service.


Today, after transferring to AGLs internet service. I found out after waiting over an hour and a half with AGLs terrible customer support team that you don't support Port Forwarding with your internet service. This is a basic, important function for many people. Why wouldn't you support it? It's ridiculous. 


Hi @David_AGL,


Any updates on this?


As numerous other customers have mentioned, port forwarding is an essential feature. Would definitely be a deal breaker if this cannot be resolved.


Really disappointing 😿

AGL Community Manager

Hi @dkim , I've just checked on this again. AGL's provided modems do allow port forwarding to be configured, but unfortunately still no updates I can pass along regarding timelines for offering static IP support, though it is being actively worked on. The team has told me they'll let me know as soon as they have timelines to share, and I'll provide an update here.


I very nearly signed up to AGL internet, but glad I found this thread first.

Not being able to be provided with a static IP is very much a deal breaker for me !


It's been a month since the last update. Any movement ?



Hi @David_AGL 

I have just changed over to AGL's internet but kept my old modem. I was using a number of ports that no longer work. I noticed you said AGL's provided modems allow port forwarding to be configured. Is this the only way I can open up a port using your internet service?


Adding my vote on to this one. Very keen to move across to AGL to make the most of bundling with electricity. Without port forwarding this is a deal breaker for me unfortunately. My existing supplier support this so i’ll be staying with them until this is resolved. Static IP would be nice but not required in my case. 


Hi David, what is the status of port forwarding being supported? I dont need a static IP however do require the ability to be able to port forward a specific port. I understand that AGL routers support port forwarding (as do most routers) but what is the point if the AGL network does not support this?