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Help us improve AGL's internet services

Help us improve AGL's internet services

Poor customers service


Hi there, 


Thank you for your email. But I no longer need your service anymore. I have already connected internet from other provider.


I am very dissatisfied, frustrated with your customer service. I asked for your service a month ago and still you were not able to give me service. On top of that I called more than 20 times today alone but couldn’t get to the right person. They keep on passing and forwarding my calls and disconnect by the one of your customers adviser. I can’t keep on calling as I have to work that too from home. I was in desperate need of internet but you fail to provide service when I needed. 


Major issue with AGL is customer service which is is absolutely poor and most of customers service team are not responsible with clients. Hard to believe them.


So please do not waste you time bothering me. 

Absolutely disgusted with your customer service. 



Thank you but no thank you