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Upper Dawson Branch WPSQ


Wandoan Battery/Solar/Wind Project.

The local Branch of Upper Dawson WPQS, would like to get involved in this Project. 

We would like to contribute to the EIS and become a member of the consultative committees and be active part of the Project. This will also include the updating of our local community on the positive outcomes that can be achieve for the local environment with our partnership.


Upper Dawson Branch WPSQ

PO Box 262'

Taroom Queensland. 4420





AGL Employee

Thanks for reaching out to us, regarding this project.  AGL has an offtake agreement with VENA.  As such, we are not involved during the construction stage. May I suggest you reach out to Kori Law from VENA on 0459 450 472 and .

If you do not have success,  please revert back to us so we can personally help you connect. 


You can contact AGL's Community team is by emailing or by calling 1800 039 600 .

AGL Community Manager
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