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I am contacting you in name of the Australian Tesla Owners Club QLD Chapter.
We would be interested to organize a visit with a convoy of Tesla cars and wonder who we should contact to discuss this.


AGL Employee

Hi Dylanpete,


Unfortunately the site is currently closed to tours due to COVID-19 and finalising completion of construction. The wind farm should be completed later this year and we look forward to offering tours again hopefully by summer.


Also please be aware that the roads on-site are unpaved.


If you'd like to discuss further, please email me down the track we may be able to organise something.




AGL Community Manager

Hi @Dylanpete . That definitely sounds like a cool idea for down the line when access is available! I'm actually looking to get an EV owners group established here, so I'll get in touch with you separately .

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Hi David_AGL,

Certainly, feel free to contact me!


Hello, when will the wind farm be fully operational, and trading in the NEM?