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Eligibility   Who can sign up to this offer? Any AGL residential electricity customer in VIC, NSW, QLD and SA with an active market contract.   Can I sign up if I have a gas account only? No, you must have an electricity account with AGL.   Can I keep my existing AGL electricity plan? Yes, the Smart Home Starter Kits can be purchased by eligible customers on any market contract electricity plan, and are not tied to any particular plan.   If I have multiple properties how many can I purchase? You are able to purchase up to 2 kits per property.     Billing and charges   When does my billing start? Your billing starts the day we confirm your order. However, your first payment will only be due when you receive your next electricity bill.   When will I get billed? As per your existing electricty billing cycle and if there are any changes to your electricity billing cycle, your Smart Home Starter Kit payments will automatically align to these changes.   When is my payment due date? Due dates will be the same as your electricity bill due date.   Will I get a separate bill for the repayments? No, it will be seen as a charge on your electricity bill under 'other charges' eg Smart Home Kit - Amazon 1 -12M or Smart Home Kit - Amazon 1-24M   Are there any upfront costs? No   Are there any exit / early termination fees? No, however, should you leave AGL or cancel the Smart Home Starter Kit payment plan, the outstanding balance will be charged on your final/next bill as a lump sum.   Why is it shown as a daily charge on my account? We need to calculate it as a daily charge on your bill to show what is accrued for the bill period. For example if you start part way through a billing cycle you will be charged a pro rata amount for that month.   How do I know how much I have paid and how much is left to pay? We will send you quarterly emails with details of what you have paid and what is left to pay.   How do I know if I have paid off all instalments? You'll be notified at the end of the payment period or you can request an update at any time by emailing You will also get quarterly email updates.   What happens if I miss a payment? As per normal billing arrangements, your bill will accrue as outstanding until paid. If you fail to make a payment for 180 days or more, we will terminate the agreement and you will be required to pay the balance as a lump sum payment.   Will I be billed together for 2 kits? Each kit will be billed as a separate line item on your electricity invoice.   Will my billing change when my electricity bill frequency changes? Yes it will align to your electricity billing frequency.   Will I get a tax invoice? No, but you can request to receive a tax invoice by emailing   Can I set up direct debit for my payments? You can't set up direct debits for the payment plan, however you can set direct debit for your electricity account.   How much do I still owe for my smart home starter kit(s)? You can find out the outstanding balance of your smart home starter kit(s) by emailing us at     Moving / Switching   What happens if I move house? If you move house the Smart Home Starter Kit instalment plan will finish and you will need to pay any outstanding balance.   What happens if I leave AGL? If you leave AGL you will need to pay the balance of the instalment plan with your final energy bill.   Can I change electricity plans while on this plan? Yes. The Smart Home Starter Kit instalment plan will continue if you change electricity plans.     Cancellation   Is there a cooling off period? No, there is no cooling off period, however if you change your mind you can return the kit if not opened.   Can I cancel the instalment plan? You can cancel your instalment plan at any time and we'll send you the outstanding balance for payment on your next energy bill.     Product   How many Smart Home Starter Kits can I purchase? Eligible customers are able to purchase up to 2 kits per address.   What is the difference between a 12 & 24 month plan? The total price of the Smart Home Starter Kit is the same but you can elect to pay monthly over 12 months or 24 months ie a $365 Kit will calculated at $1.00/day for 12 months or $0.50/day for 24 months. All prices include GST.   How could this smart home offer benefit me? The ability for customers to purchase Smart Home products and pay through their bill over 12 or 24 months provides an affordable option to help customers start their smart home journey and better manage their energy through a connected home sooner.   What is Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Show? Amazon provides a range of smart speakers which also serve to manage and control your smart home devices such as lighting, heating, airconditioning, security systems and appliances. The Amazon Echo Dot is the smaller speaker suitable for smaller rooms like your bedroom or study, the Echo is a mid size speaker for larger rooms like the family room and the Echo Show is great for the kitchen for things like looking up recipies. Together they form an ecosystem which allows you to stream music throughout the house, speak to each other in different rooms, and control your smart home devices from wherever you are in your house. To find out more about what these speakers can do visit If you link your AGL energy account to the AGL Voice Service on Amazon Alexa you can also manage your energy account with your voice.   What is Amazon Alexa? Amazon Alexa is the virtual assistant built by Amazon. Visit to find out more. To use Amazon Alexa on your Amazon Alexa enabled device, download the Amazon Alexa app to your phone and start by saying 'Alexa' and ask your question.   What is the Google Assistant? The Google Assistant is the virtual assistant built by Google. To use the Google Assistant on your Google Assistant enabled device, download the Google Assistant app to your phone and start with 'Hey Google' or "Ok Google" and ask your question. To find out more vist   What are Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Nest Hub? These are all Google smart speakers that enable users to use their voice to interact with the Google Assistant and control smart devices like smart light globes, plugs and thermostats. If you link your AGL energy account to the Google Assistant you can also manage your energy account with your voice. To find out more visit   What are the warranty periods for the Smart Home Starter Kits? As per manufacturer warranty arrangements. Amazon Echo products have a one year limited warranty. Google Home products have a two year limited warranty. TP Link products have a three year limited warranty. If you have any issues with your devices, please contact or complete our online claims form here.   What is the Sensibo Sky? Sensibo turns any split system smart and lets you control it from anywhere. Using 7-day scheduling, geo-fencing and filter cleaning alerts, Sensibo helps you save energy. Sensibo works with Amazon Echo and Google Home so you can use phrases like 'Alexa, turn on living room' and 'Hey Google, turn off the bedroom.' With Sensibo you can use phrases like: 'Alexa, turn on living room', 'Ok Google, turn off the bedroom'   What is the TP Link Light Bulb? The TP Link Smart Light Bulb is an energy efficient, wifi enabled smart light globe that lasts for up to 22 years and can be remote controlled through the Kasa app, voice controlled through Amazon or Google speakers and connected to other devices and scheduled to turn on and off individually or as a group. For more information on what you can do go to   What fitting is the TP Link Light Bulb? The TP Link Light Bulb comes with both types of fittings – Edison Screw (E27) screw and Bayonet Cap (B22d). After you place your order we will contact you to confirm which fittings you require.   What is the TP Link Plug? The TP Link Smart Plug with energy monitoring allows you to monitor and control your appliances remotely, automate and set schedules and find out usage at appliance level and when you're at home can be controlled with your voice through a compatible smart speaker. For more information on what you can do go to xyx tech spec page or visit   Why have you chosen TPLink smart home products? TP Link offers 24/7 technical support 365 days of the year, a 3 year replacement warranty, easy warranty claims and high quality manufacturing standards. If you need help with any TP Link products you can call their toll free hotline on 1300 875 465   Why should I buy these products? If you are looking to automate your home appliances and devices to achieve greater energy savings, convenience, security and comfort this is a good way to get started. These products can help you manage your home energy usage and provide greater convenience, security, peace of mind, comfort and control all through your phone or voice controlled speaker.   How can I use IFTTT to automate my home? IFTTT is a world leading IoT cloud platform that allows you to create personalised automatic actions for your smart home devices. So for example, you can create a morning routine that turns on your heater, kettle, lights and radio all at the same time based on one trigger. You can set up IFTTT actions by downloading the app on your phone and exploring what you can do to make your smart home devices even smarter.   What if I want to buy more bulbs/plugs? At this time we are not offering to purchase these products individually, however TP Link smart globes and plugs are available from many retailers.   Where can I find additional info about my products Please refer to for more information on each of your products and what you can do with them.     Claims   What if my product is faulty, damaged or incomplete? If you have any issues with your product, you can notify us via our claims form and we'll contact you to resolve as quickly as possible.   What if a device is no longer available? If for some reason the device is no longer available, we will terminate the agreement and refund any payments already made.   Should I return the full bundle when a single device is faulty or damaged? No. Just return the single device and we will arrange for repair or replacement of that device.   What if I decide I no longer want the product? If you have not opened the Starter Kit but have been billed, you can return the Starter Kit for a full refund. However, if the Starter Kit has been opened you will need to continue with the monthly payments.     Support   Where can I get help to set up my device? You will receive a flyer in your smart home starter kit that explains how to set up your new products or you can refer to our set up guide at   Who do I contact if I have a question? If you have any questions you can send a message to and we will endeavour to respond within one business day.     Delivery   Do I need to sign for the delivery of my smart home starter kit? Yes you will need to sign for delivery.   What if I am not home for delivery? If you are not home to sign for the delivery it will be dropped off at your nearest Australia Post office for collection.   How do I know my Smart Home kit order has been received? You will receive an auto generated email telling you that your order has been received.   How long will it take for the Smart Home Starter Kit to be delivered? The Smart Home Starter kit will be dispatched to you within 10 business days from the commencement date. Once dispatched, delivery of the devices will be subject to standard delivery timeframes. Delivery timeframes may vary.   How do I know my kit has been sent? You'll receive an email notifying you when your kit is on its way.   Can I track the delivery of the Kit? You'll receive Australia Post notifications during delivery.     Privacy and data security   Is my personal data secure? At AGL we take privacy seriously. Steps we take to secure your personal information include that we seek to only provide Google or Amazon with information that is necessary to answer your question or use the Skill. For example, you'll notice that data, such as your personal address, is not provided fully. It's still your responsibility to ensure that your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa can't be heard by anyone else, so remember to be aware of who is around you when you ask Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for your information. We use end to end encryption to protect your data.   How do I know my personal data is safe? AGL is always working to have appropriate measures in place to protect your personal information. We take steps in accordance with the Guide to Personal Information published by the Office of the Information Commissioner, to secure our systems and the personal information we collect. We also share non-personal information about how people use our websites with security service providers to ensure that our websites are protected. For more information about how we protect and manage your personal information see our privacy policy. When you use the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device, Google and Amazon will also collect and use your data and personal information and this information collection and use will be governed by Google and Amazon's privacy policy and its additional terms of use.
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